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TL;DR: if you don't get with the sustainability program now, you're going the way of the Blackberry.

In other words…

Millennials, who, according to Bloomberg, make up about one third of the global population, are gaining wealth and spending power – Accentureestimates that Millennials in North America alone stand to inherit over US$30 trillion in the next 30 years.

As the greatest spending generation to be, the discerning Millennial customer expects sustainable products from responsible companies. They will demand accountability, transparency, and meaningful impact (US Trust). Millennials, have overtaken Gen X as the most represented in the work force, and they will vote with those earnings and their wallets. At the end of 2018, Nielsenpredicted that the U.S. sustainability market [alone] will reach $150 billion by 2025 – “consumers are putting their dollars where their values are.” On the flip side, businesses that ignore sustainability issues and neglect their corporate responsibilities will see a tarnished reputation and struggle with maintaining consumer loyalty.

The case for sustainability and socially responsible business practices is unequivocal. It's time to make sure that your strategy embraces sustainability, and that you are engaging with your employees, stakeholders, community, and environment in a meaningful way. Whether you are in the rudimentary stages, or whether you have well-established CSR practices, I can help guide you along your sustainability journey.









Chi Lo is a strategic visionary with over 10 years of experience leading sustainability programmes spanning several continents. She is recognised as an expert in sustainable tourism with a knack for relationship management, communications and content development, project design and implementation.

Most recently, she has been managing the Sustainability & Social Responsibility programme at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) since 2013. She is responsible for mapping and executing PATA’s sustainability strategy, nurturing global sustainability relationships, and establishing PATA’s position as a sustainability-minded global organisation. She has been representing PATA in the sustainable tourism community and is currently a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Executive Committee and Board. 

Prior to joining PATA, Chi has worked for organisations including the Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA) under the USAID-STAR project, the Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia, the Center for Responsible Travel, and the Africa Travel Association.

Chi was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and is currently based in Seattle, USA with her husband, two dogs, and two young children from whom she has borrowed the Earth.